James Edward Douglas Prothero

Captain James Edward Douglas Prothero IA of 90th Punjabis “…was a boy of marked ability, who would have gone far in the sphere of work which he had adopted. We well remember the interesting account which he gave us of it all during a visit which he paid us some few years ago.” (Malvernian, Nov 1918).

He was the son of E D Prothero of Glenburn, Prestwick, Ayrshire,, being born in 1884. 

Prothero went to Malvern, and was in No 6 between 1899 and 1902. He was a School Prefect. After Malvern he went to Sandhurst before a commission in the Cheshires in 1903. He transferred to the Indian Army and the 90th Punjabis in 1905, being promoted Captain in 1912. Latterly he was in civilian empty with the Burma Commission.

He was attached again with the outbreak of war to the Indian Political Department and was Mentioned. He Died on Active Service on 1 August 1918, aged 34 in Tehran, Iran.

He was initiated during his time in Burma into Fairclough Lodge No 2575 in Mandalay in 1905, later joining Philanthropy Lodge No 542 in 1908, at Maulmain, Tenasserim, also in Burma. Both Lodges are no longer in existence.