Philip John Thomas Blakeway

Colonel the Reverend Philip John Thomas Blakeway MA TD was chaplain to the Middlesex Hussars and died on active service in Egypt aged 50 on 16 June 1915 of heart failure.

Philip was the son of Philip Edward Blakeway of 29 Clifton Gardens, Folkestone, by his wife, Maria, daughter of John Wootton and was born in London on 10 March 1865.

He went to Malvern before going up to Magdelen College, Oxford. Coming down he took a commission in 1884 into the 8th Hussars, joining the Regiment in India.

After six years with the Colours he resigned his commission to return Magdelen and took his degree and was ordained Deacon in 1891 and priest in 1893. He was immediately appointed Chaplain to his Regiment.

After holding curacies in Camberwell, Lambeth and Battersea he became Chaplain to the Earl of Lathom for seven years, before becoming temporary Chaplain to the Forces at Chichester Barracks in 1902. In 1903 he was appointed to the rectory of All Saints’ Hastings, moving in 1907 to the Vicarage of Walberton.

On the outbreak of the Great War he immediately applied for active service, and was appointed Chaplain 1st Class with the rank of Colonel.

He went out to Egypt with one of the first drafts of troops, and died on active service at Ismalia, 16 June, 1915, of heart failure.

He married Sibyl Agnes (daughter of Francis Ricardo) at Old Windsor on 10 Aug, 1893.

He was initiated at the relatively young age of 19 whilst up at Magdalen into the Apollo. Passed in the same lodge he was raised by his College lodge St Mary Magdelene Lodge No 1523 when he joined on 27 June 1889.

He went on to become a founding member of The Middlesex Imperial Yeomanry Lodge No 3013 at its consecration 3 December 1903.

He was a member of the Athenaeum and the Naval & Military Club.