Adrian Abbott

Adrian Augustus Abbott heads the list of the thirty-five Petitioners and Founders, as undoubtedly was the wish of his parents given his alphabetically superior name.

He was the son of Major General W H Abbott. He was a house scholar at Malvern and would follow his father into the Army. He became a school master and making some journalistic contributions as well after Malvern, but enlisted at the outbreak of the Great War, earning a commission with the Australian Imperial Forces.

He served during the Great War becoming a Captain with the 20th Infantry Bttn, where he commanded B Company. He transferred to the Indian Army after the Armistice, and at the time of the foundation of the Lodge was serving with the 6th King Edward’s Own Cavalry.

Masonically, Abbott was both Scots and English. He was a member of two lodges in India – he was initiated into Hardinge Lodge no 3754 in the Punjab (which transferred to the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Pakistan) and was also a member of the Lodge Hope of Kurrachee No 337 under the Scottish Constitution, then in Karachi and now removed to Fife and serving as that Province’s research lodge.