The Public Schools’ Lodges Council is the collective organisation that brings together the Lodges associated with some the county’s great public schools.

Founded in 1909 as the Standing Committee of the Public School Lodges at the instigation of the Lodges of Westminster, Charterhouse, Cheltenham, Sherborne and Clifton to promote and disseminate Public School Freemasonry, today it represents some 34 schools’ lodges and those units that draw their memberships from this constituency, including the Public Schools’ Installed Masters Lodge No 9077, and some Royal Arch chapters linked to our lodges.

The PSLC is also the auspices under which an annual festival is held, each year in turn by a different school, normally at that school. It is an opportunity for the members of the lodges to get together with partners, family and friends and enjoy seeing schools they may not have seen since they last visited as an away XV or XI some years ago.

The PSLC also administers some charitable funds on behalf of its members.

To be a member of the PSLC a Lodge must be a London Lodge and be restricted to old boys, masters and governors past and present of the school.

A sister organisation the Federation of Schools Lodges has a wider remit and organises a similar festival schedule.

All members of the PSLC wear their old school ties at meetings of PSLC Lodges, adding a splash of colour to the occasion and taxing the memories of some of the members. Unlike some, our stripes even go the right way…